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We understand that you need the right solution for your business

As a Jet Reports Certified Professional, Certified Specialist, Certified Trainer and Channel Partner, we have over 15 years industry experience in providing Business Intelligence and reporting solutions for businesses just like yours. We work with companies of all sizes in the UK, across Europe and further afield in the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

We can provide bespoke reporting, training and software to suit the individual needs of your company.

CDS IT Solutions Jet Reports Trainer

Jet Reports Training

Reporting is an essential part of running your business. We can help you to manage your business better by giving you the knowledge and power to create accurate, consistent and timely reports formatted to the particular needs of your business.

We provide a range of flexible training options.

CDS IT Solutions Jet Reports Professional

Business Intelligence Consultancy

Business Intelligence allows strategic analysis of your business to unearth the real drivers behind revenue and cost. Identify trends in your KPIs, then instantly group and filter data to identify the causes.

We work with you to provide that next level of expertise.

CDS IT Solutions Jet Reports Specialist

Reseller Services

Whether you’re looking for a complete management reporting system or an upgrade to an existing accounts package we can help. We are a one-stop shop for supply, install and support of reporting systems tailored to the needs of your company.

We can provide a complete BI and reporting solution tailored for your business.

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