What’s New in Jet Reports 2018 R2

Jet Reports 2018 R2

Includes several new and improved features




Run Reports directly from your Windows Desktop Run your reports without even starting Excel! Just right-click. The new task tray app will let you know when your report is ready.


Run Reports in the Background within Excel No need to wait for your report before you can start using Excel, again. Run your report in the background and continue working with your other Excel files.


Updated Jet Ribbon and Windows within Excel

The Jet ribbon has been updated and the entire user interface has been refreshed to be more consistent, throughout.
Several items have been rearranged to be easier to find, and other related items have been grouped together for a cleaner experience.
All configuration settings have been combined under a single button
The run options have also been consolidated. In an effort to better explain what they do, the Refresh and Report buttons have been renamed to Run and Run from Cache, respectively.

Fast Financials Updated

To make it easier to select/deselect your Fast Financials accounts, each account can be toggled on and off with a simple click of the mouse – and you can still use the SHIFT key to quickly select a range of accounts.

To make copying or adding replicating functions easier than ever, your Fast Financials Report Option dates are now also placed directly on the report sheet. The GL functions and the variance formulas reference those dates, rather than the named ranges on the Options sheet.

Manage Users and Groups in the Jet Web Portal

Now manage your users and groups directly within the Jet Web Portal. Users and Groups added here can also be seen/managed in the Jet Administration Console and can be assigned the new levels of permissions within the Jet Web Portal, itself.

And, non-administrator users can now be given permissions to create, rename, move, and delete folders, as well as to change the owner of an existing report.

Compatible with Dynamics NAV 2018

Our testing with Dynamics NAV 2018 has been completed and Jet Reports 2018 R2 fully supports this exciting update.
When used with NAV Web Services, the Jet Excel add-in requires the latest release of the Jet Reports Business Objects.